Kaleidoscope Glasses

Kaléidoscope rave glasses Kaléidoscope rave glasses As awesome as these kaleidoscope glasses are, perhaps they’d be better if they were more practical.

However, there’s nothing wrong with having a few impractical props and accessories in the wardrobe.

Fall Casual

Fall fashion
Fall fashion mixing a thick wrap and ripped tights
Fall fashion featuring ripped tights Fall and Winter really have a way of dragging down our energy and our moods.

That’s why these dark months are perhaps the most important time to practice extra self care.

For some of us, that means extra time playing with fashion and makeup.

Although a Fall stereotype, play around with mixing bulky wraps with ripped tights.

‘Overplayed’ fashion can still be a ton of fun!

Ethical Fashion and Beauty

What are your favorite ethical beauty brands? It can be difficult to find ethical fashion and beauty options on a budget, or at least it can seem that way. As for fashion and accessories, I thrift much of my fashion or buy from artists I know and would love to support. Thrifting and altering is by far the budget option, but buying handmade from artists I love is a wonderful investment in their life, my life, and the art community.

As for beauty, although fully stocked from years of buying almost any makeup I saw, I’m hoping to feature ethical, cruelty free and more natural options in the future, or at least brands that hit one mark.

Who else is on a tight budget?

What are your favorite ethical beauty and fashion brands/sources that you’ve found and love?

Fantasy Mask | Handmade Accessories

Handmade fantasy accessory mask, great for boudoir photography
Handmade floral mask
How amazing it is to create and put bits and pieces together to bring a fantasy to life? This fantasy mask is adorned with faux flowers and glass bead slivers.

Adding flowers and beads/crystals to things is becoming a trend in the studio.

What are your favorite supplies to work with?

Dance Dress | Alter and Layer

Layered, alternative fashion, thrifted and altered
Alternative witch fashion
Altered, thrifted lace dance dress Beautiful looks can be created from just a little altering and layering. This beautiful dance wear was thrifted and altered with the addition of fabric flowers. We don’t have to go crazy altering something we thrift to make it amazing. If we do, that’s awesome, but sometimes a delicate touch is wonderful too.


Handmade couture Halloween fashion
Halloween look, dramatic fairytale Halloween is one of the best days of the year, as it’s a day where people (who may not do so on a regular basis) get to dress up, be creative, and step into a new persona.

But wouldn’t it be amazing to make this freedom a habit?